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Internet Marketing is Going Green

1% for the Planet member, The Greenfield Group, has recently switched its focus towards internet marketing.  The Greenfield Group is known for its carbon negative marketing programs, in which small environmentally friendly companies can utilize their marketing services to increase sales and help reduce carbon emissions.  By focusing on SEO and social media management, The Greenfield Group is now able to reduce the CO2 generated from plastic room key cards and the harmful effects from shipping products across the country.

During this transition, The Greenfield Group was able to donate to two 1% for the Planet recipients: Guitars in the Classroom and Below the Surface.

Guitars in the Classroom trains, equips and empowers classroom teachers to transform learning every subject into a creative, musical process that engages students and promotes learning.  Founded in 1998, participants in their free programs learn to play guitar and ukulele, sing and write songs for learning, and to lead singing, songwriting and hands-on music making with students of all ages as an integral part of lessons.  They have trained over 9,000 educational song leaders so far and their regionally based programs serve well over half a million students each week.

Rob met Jessica Baron, the founder of Guitars in the Classroom, at a sustainable brands conference and Rob was looking for a solution to recycling his old hotel room key cards.  Jessica came up with the idea to turn them into guitar picks, and Picks for the Planet was formed.  Since then, The Greenfield Group has created and supplied thousands of recycled guitar picks to Guitars in the Classroom and other groups.  Rob has also funded them through his adventures and is currently learning ukulele and guitar in some of their classes.

Below the Surface is a non-profit organization dedicated to exploration of and education about the issues surrounding water.  Since 2008, Below the Surface has presented its field observations to groups from Chicago to New Orleans, Redding to San Diego and many points in between. Inspired by Google’s Streetview maps, motivated to rapidly show the general public how water pollution impacts rivers, and driven by a sheer passion to protect our waterways; Below the Surface has put together a team of organizations to bring life to the Riverview Project! Be sure to read more about their Riverview Project and leveraging of the private sector to address water sustainability issues.

Rob introduced Below the Surface to 1% for the Planet and has been working with the founders Jared and Christian on the Riverview Project.  The Greenfield Group is also their official sponsor for their biodiesel truck.

Along with a partnership with these two great non-profits, The Greenfield Group is dedicated to different types of Green Initiatives.  In 2012 they donated over 400 CFL bulbs to their free CFL bulb exchange in which they partnered with CALPIRG Energy Services.  As compared to their incandescent counterpart, over the life of these 400+ bulbs, over 82,500 KwH will be saved and 130,350 lbs of CO2 emissions will be prevented from entering the atmosphere throughout the city of San Diego.  Along with their Green Bulbs program, The Greenfield Group partakes in company trash cleanups, picking up roughly a thousand pounds of trash around San Diego in 2012.

The owner (and new 1% FTP Ambassador), Rob Greenfield, has dedicated his life towards improving the environment.  He left last month on a coast to coast cycling adventure where he will be living completely off the grid and will be promoting and educating individuals on sustainability.  You can learn all about his off the grid adventure, and follow him pedal by pedal all summer by visiting Greenfield Adventures.

We look forward to seeing Rob in Vermont on August 1st!

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