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Great For Your Body & The Planet

The last few weeks have been very busy here on the first floor of our Vermont office. Kerry has been receiving TONS of certification materials, we have been welcoming Jon as our new Manager of Member Services, while Brodie is focusing more of his time on new member acquisition, we have been getting ready to bid farewell to Andy who is headed up to Alaska for the summer and I’ve been Tweeting and blog-posting up a storm! We have been receiving tons of partnership stories from our awesome members who have completed their 2012 certification on time – and I’ve been working hard to get these stories onto your screen.

While sitting in the office working on all of these tasks, I’ve been able to learn about what motivates our members to give. It has been amazing to hear from both our tiniest and largest member companies. Today, I had the pleasure to assist Mamma Chia in completing their 2012 certification.

Since joining 1% for the Planet in 2010, Mamma Chia has directed most of their support to Slow Money, along with some to Slow Food USA. Two members of our staff, Trina and Rebecca were lucky enough to attend the Slow Money National Gathering which took place in Boulder, CO over the last few days. We love the work that Slow Money does and were proud sponsors of this event. Trina just shared these kind words from the event:

Janie Hoffman of Mamma Chia has just given a speech at the Slow Money National Gathering in Boulder.  In introducing her, Woody Tasch, founder of Slow Money, has mentioned Mamma Chia’s 1% for the Planet membership and its incredible generosity several times – to great applause.  Janie, herself, spoke of her 1% for the Planet membership with pride.  Finally, Michael Bartner, of Slow Money, when thanking sponsors of the National Gathering, mentioned Rebecca Callahan Klein and myself in saying that Slow Money was “honored to have 1% for the Planet as a partner.” 

There were about 500 people in the audience in the Boulder Theater.  The talks and presentations have been terrific and the audience is deeply engaged in all aspects of sustainable agriculture and engaging fully with a holistic approach to food and living. Cheers, Trina

We are so appreciative of Janie & Mamma Chia’s support and we look forward to seeing where else this partnership will lead us!

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