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Feathers That Give Back to Blue

Fine Featherheads, a member since 2011, does more than just keep us all looking good; they support nonprofits that keep us healthy too!  Last year alone, they donated $45,000 to the Keep A Breast Foundation.

As a company started by a woman, mostly run by women, and selling predominantly to women, they feel breast cancer awareness is an important issue to highlight.  The Keep A Breast Foundation does a great job of educating people, especially youth, about cancer-causing toxins in our everyday environment to help with prevention, early detection, and, more importantly they do so in a fun and engaging way.

They also generously donated a large portion of their 1% commitment directly to us! Thank you Fine Featherheads! This type of support above and beyond membership helps us to broadcast the 1% for the Planet message, increase the size of our network and the amount of funding for environmental causes, and deepen member relationships and impact with their 1% FTP non-profit partners.  1% for the Planet leads the movement to harness the strongest force in our time, commerce, with the greatest need in our culture, sustainability.

We are extremely appreciative for the support that Fine Featherheads has offered in the past to both Keep a Breast and 1% for the Planet. We’re thrilled to be Loving Blue alongside them and look forward to increasing our impact together.

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