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Velocitek + Sailors for the Sea

1% for the Planet recipient, Sailors for the Sea, extends a thank you to Velocitek for their second year in a row of financial support.

Alec Stewart, president of Velocitek notes; “Velocitek is a company made up of people who love the ocean. Being based in Hawaii, we are surrounded by the ocean and we spend a lot of time playing in and on the water. We also realize that clean oceans are essential to our livelihood, and the success of the recreational marine industry as a whole. We believe that individually we have a small impact in preserving our oceans, but together, we can make a big difference. We support the ongoing commitment Sailors for the Sea has made to educating the sailing community on the threats to oceans and coastal waters and empowering sailors – from youth to experienced life-long recreational and professional sailors – on the actions they can take to protect marine health for generations to come.”

Since joining 1% for the Planet in 2006, Velocitek has supported a number of our nonprofit parters in addition to Sailors for the Sea. We are proud of Velecitek’s environmental commitment and thank them for their continued support of our network.

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