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Saving the World, One Room at a Time

The following post was sent to us from Maxwell Ryan, the CEO and Founder of Apartment Therapy, who has been a longtime member of 1% for the Planet. We would like to thank Maxwell for sharing his story with us, and for ‘saving the world, one room at a time’!

As soon as I finished Yvon’s book “Let My People Go Surfing” six years ago, I signed my company, Apartment Therapy Media, up for 1% right away. At the time, our revenues were pretty small, giving 1% was easy and we asked our readers to suggest who we should donate to. I saw it as a great was to publicly involve our audience in our participation with this very good cause.

Each year our revenues grew steadily and two years in I was at a fund raiser near my house for the Peconic Land Trust and they were looking to raise a big sum from the event, $10,000. I realized then that if I directed all of our 1% giving to the Peconic Land Trust, we could do some really significant help and the results of it would be immediately visible. I was also really drawn to the opportunity of having an ongoing, personal relationship with the organization my company was helping.

As of this past year, we are giving about $25,000 annually to the Peconic Land Trust and have become the biggest source of funding for their CSA Quail Hill Farm in Amagansett, NY, which also acts as their marketing arm in the Hamptons. They are the largest source of land preservation on Long Island and one of the leading land preservation trusts in the United States.

The farm and the Trust are now deeply thankful for the support my company provides, and have invited me to talk about 1% at a number of their fund raising gatherings because company support is not something that people think about, and 1% is not a widely known vehicle for doing it.

I love it because my personal and company mission are now totally aligned in an ongoing relationship that enlarges our circle and allows us to say that we really put our money where our mouth is.


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