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Investing in the Future

Making the 1% commitment with your business is about more than growing the bottom line; it’s about investing in a world that you want to live in.  With each donation, our members are helping to create a more sustainable world that our children and grandchildren will get to enjoy.  Two of the most recent businesses to make this pledge are EcoTaxFile and Ozone Global.


Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, EcoTaxFile provides personalized accounting services to businesses and individuals who want exemplary accounting services combined combined with environmental assessments. The experienced tax professionals will maximize your tax refund and take the stress out of tax time – all while providing advice on how to reduce your carbon footprint and live more sustainably.

You can use EcoTaxFile’s Free carbon calculator to discover the impact of your carbon footprint and get a personalized EcoReport with over 150 sustainability tips.

EcoTaxFile: Accounting that can change your life.

If you haven’t done so already, it’s well worth taking the time to take a look at this free tool. You might be amazed at your own footprint and the suggestions provided to minimize your impact.  Thanks EcoTaxFile for making this available and welcome!

Australia based Ozone Global invests in a variety of business sectors / environments throughout the world with a focus on working together with people and their vision. They especially enjoy being involved from the ground floor up with new and exciting business ideas, until such stage that the founders are able to take their vision and business model to the table of a larger audience.

What inspired Ozone Global to join 1% for the Planet was no doubt the same reason that inspired many others to join. To stand up and do something positive to Protect the Planet for future generations. According to the owner, “this really hit home last winter when my 7-year old Daughter was sitting in in a cold room and shivering with the heating turned off. When I asked her why she doesn’t turn on the heat she answered, if I turn on the heater the planet it will get too hot and the Polar Bears home will melt. I felt ashamed to be a so called grown up. Why does a 7 year old get it and the educated world doesn’t. From this point forward I start a new road to Respect & Protect Our Planet and promote this in all areas of my life.”

Sometimes inspiration comes form the least expected places.  We’re thrilled to have Ozone Global in the network!

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