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Being TREW to Blue

Our friends at TREW, sent us this awesome explanation of why they support the Columbia Gorge Ecology Institute through their 1% FTP commitment. Thanks for sharing this with us Tripp!

Nearly five years ago, before we had seen one cent in revenue,  Chris, John, and I made a commitment to be an outstanding company-  we signed up for 1% For The Planet.  In our minds this was a simple way to let people know that we believe TREW is an exemplary company and that we recognize the fact that the sports we love so much depend heavily on a healthy environment.  Of course, we strive to be exemplary in many other ways, but making this commitment gave us the structure to give back.

There are A LOT of organizations worthy of receiving donations from 1% members. Yet two things were clear to us- 1) community matters and 2) children are the future of our planet.  We strive to create a engaging community with our customers and we strive to be great members of our local community- Hood River.  Additionally, we believe the most effective way to preserve our environment is to empower future generations with a passion for our planet and the outdoors.  As today’s children grow old, those that have a vested interest in and knowledge of our planet will fight harder and make life choices that aid in maintaining a healthy environment.

That is why since our founding we have partnered with the Columbia Gorge Ecology Institute– a local organization based in Hood River focusing on environmental education.  In addition to our monetary donation, we like to spend time in the field with the great people of CGEI.  This allows us to see how our donation is being spent and to engage with the kids of our community.  On Friday, April 5, I spent the morning at Mid Valley Elementary in Hood River teaching kids about photosynthesis and how amazing it is that a plant can generate its own food with a few simple ingredients.  This wasn’t just a lecture to 5th graders , but a fully interactive game that reinforced the key components of the lesson.   Over the course of the next couple months all these 5th graders are going to learn a tremendous amount of knowledge- all of which arms them with the basics to understand the problems facing our planet.  To be a part of that transfer of knowledge, even if for only an April morning, was great.  Here’s to future generations that care!

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