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A Little Rug with a Big Purpose

Hug On A Rug is a company created around one product and one idea. We designed and had manufactured a rug just for hugging. It is a little rug with a big purpose – healing the world one hug at a time. The rug is intended to serve as a reminder of our relationship to each other and to the planet we all share.

We at Hug On A Rug have a deep and abiding interest in the environment and the health of the planet that is home to us all. As folks hug each other they may be reminded that we are all in this together, breathing the same air and fishing in the same seas. This care for the environment led us to 1% For The Planet – a natural partnership!

Tom first wrote his senator asking for support for the first Wilderness Bill in 1960. Tom was 14. He is a founding member of the former High Peaks Audubon in the Adirondacks of NY and participated in three Breeding Bird Atlases. Jean has been a long-time supporter of wildlife through the National Wildlife Federation and Defenders of Wildlife. It was she who designed the rug.

Our connection with Keeping Track began when Tom took Sue Morse’s (founder of Keeping Track) training nearly 10 years ago. He served for two years as a member of its board of directors. Keeping Track trains and educates both citizen scientists and professionals in methods of data collection that can lead to better decisions involving wildlife and land use. Sue’s efforts, along with those who work with her, have helped directly in the preservation of over 30,000 acres of sensitive wildlife habitat. We at Hug On A Rug will continue to support Keeping Track and it’s mission.

Huge thanks to Hug on a Rug‘s Tom Barber for sending us this story and for completing his 2012 certification early with support of Keeping Track. We’re so proud of our Vermont network- thanks for keeping it local Tom!

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