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Taking on Water Challenge – Wrap Up

This week, Wendy Pabich is concluding the Taking on Water Challenge! During the month of February, contest participants undertook a new action each week to reduce their water footprints, saving up to 6,054 gallons of water. This week she is asking that you please let her know how this challenge changed the way you think about and use water, and how much water you’ve saved. She’d also love to hear what other water saving actions you might be planning for the future. Thank you for joining in!

On or about March 15, 2013, Wendy will be drawing a contest winner, who will receive a copy of Taking on Water and a water reduction kit for his or her home (Approximate Retail Value $130). Stay tuned.

See introductory information on the Taking on Water Challenge: Reduce your Water Footprint here, the Week 1 Challenge: Eat Less Meat here, the Week 2 Challenge: Waste Less Food here, the Week 3 Challenge: Conserve Energy here, and the Week 4 Challenge: Fix Leaks here. To enter to win the Taking on Water Challenge, pledge to decrease your water footprint by leaving a comment on Wendy’s blog.

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