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Long-standing 1%FTP member Alf Alderson has just launched a new digital magazine Church of the Open Sky, featuring eclectic outdoor adventures from around the world along with great imagery and video footage.
  • “I should point out for anyone who is alarmed by the title that’s there’s absolutely no religious content!” says Alf. “The title was inspired by the description of our outdoor playground by pioneering Hawaiian surfer Tom Blake, and we’ll be featuring everything from ski touring in Iceland to surfing in Oz and mountain biking in Wales, plus gear reviews, hotel and book reviews and lots more”.
    The magazine is only available to iPad owners at the moment and both the app and the magazine are free. “So we can’t really offer any special deals to 1 Per Cent members right now, but we eventually plan to start charging and when we do we’ll be happy to give members a good rate on subscriptions,” says Alf. Find out more at

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