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Developing Leaders for a More Sustainable Future

Imagine a more just and vibrant future that integrates vision, systems thinking, reflective conversation, and creative expression. This could mean working with coffee growers in Central America, providing farm apprenticeships in rural Vermont, or promoting green chemistry in the pharmaceutical industry.

This is the world that the Sustainability Leaders Network is working to achieve.

SLN Mission

The Sustainability Leaders Network trains both seasoned professionals and youth to be lifelong sustainability and social transformation champions. Members of the network are skilled in:

  • – establishing alliances with diverse stakeholders
  • – building shared vision for a just, sustainable, and peaceful future
  • – identifying and addressing root causes of complex challenges

The Sustainability Leaders Network helps each individual work at their highest capacity over a lifetime and to deepen the impact of the network now.

Working on sustainability issues on a global level requires collaboration with a variety of partners.  The Sustainability Leaders Network collaborates with a range of organizations including: Cobb Hill Ecovillage, Cedar Mountain Farm CSA, Sustainable Food Lab, Biomimicry 3.8, and Climate Interactive.  Their key stakeholders are the members in their network and, by extension, members’ organizations and companies.


Photo Credit: Clemens Kalischer, 2009

Some of these include approved 1% for the Planet non-profit partners:

  • – American Rivers – Protects and restores U.S. rivers, and the variety of life they sustain, for the benefit of people, fish and wildlife.
  • – Center for Whole Communities – Leading a new movement for change – building healthy, whole communities by reweaving the connections among people, land and community.
  • – Ocean Foundation – Supports, strengthens, and promotes organizations dedicated to reversing the trend of destruction of ocean environments around the world.

Successes to Date

Creating a more sustainable world is challenging, but the SLN is making progress.

  • – The Fellows network consists of 80 professionals around the world, plus dozens of young leaders.
  • – 90% report that the network has been essential to their professional growth.
  • – 80% collaborate with other Fellows in their sustainability efforts.
  • – Fellows work with and directly influence over 170,000 people and indirectly reach over 2 million through publications, presentations, and videos related to their efforts.

Success for SLN is a well-trained and connected network of diverse professionals and young people who increase their impact and effectiveness – individually and collectively – in bringing about the transition to sustainability.

For example, Fellow Tse-Sung Wu is leading GreenBioPharma at Genentech.  Drawing on his SLN training, he has helped lead a successful effort to reduce costs and benefit the environment in the research and development of medicines.


Here are just a few testimonials from SLN’s network of sustainability champions, participants:

“These practices have been phenomenal for me. This is probably the most caring, sensitive, deep thinking group I have experienced. The content regarding systems thinking, visioning, the area of coaching, and deep listening are my touch stones.”

“I still go back to the binder to look through and use the program material, both for my own learning and for training others. Mostly visioning, coaching, systems thinking and reflective conversation.”

“I see the fellowship as a continuing process, rather than something completed and over. I feel very appreciative of the ongoing learning, resources, and support in my professional life.”

Contact Edie Farwell, Executive Director,,  802-291-2896, with any additional questions.

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