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Super New Members!

If you’re like the rest of America, you spent your Sunday night watching the Super Bowl, snacking on your favorite comfort food, and analyzing the commercials.  As usual there were some favorites and of course some misses.  Call it favoritism, but we loved the Wonderful Pistachios commercial.  It was hilarious and it definitely made us want to Get Crackin’.  Congratulations Wonderful Pistachios on such a great advertisement!

It’s not quite a 30 second spot during the Super Bowl, but we wanted to provide some super promotion to new 1% for the Planet member businesses Ethan Abramson and Happy Yogis.

Ethan Abramson is a New York based furniture company founded in 2008. Using Traditional and Modern techniques it produces its own line of furniture as well as builds custom commissions for people and pets. Whenever possible, wood from reclaimed sources or sustainable foresting is used. Designs and shop techniques are built around the idea of minimal waste, re-purposing, and environmentally conscious production methods.  Ethan Abramson is proud to join with 1% and the 1% community to help better the world we live in.

We also want to welcome Happy Yogis, owned by Elle Griffin.  Located in Fairfax, California, Happy Yogis provides the support and training that it takes to improve personal wellness.  In her own words, Ells says, “I am a wellne