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Neither sleet, nor snow…

What a wild weekend it was for the Northeast!  We prepared for a furious winter blast here in Vermont, but in the end we were left with only about a foot of the white stuff.  Just enough for some improved ski conditions.  That’s hardly anything compared to our friends in southern New England who had up to 40 inches of snow and experienced 80 mile an hour wind gusts.  What a storm Nemo turned out to be!

When we’re not negotiating the fickle New England weather, we’re also busy enrolling new business members to the 1% for the Planet network.  Neither sleet, nor snow, nor rain will keep the movement from growing.  During the last month, both Norwegian Flyfishers Club and Boldt Communications joined the ranks and we couldn’t be happier to have them!

Norwegian Flyfishers Club (NFC) is a flyfishing outfitter on the Gaula River in Norway.  They operate over 10 km of pristine fly water on the famous Gaula River. NFC was founded over 25 years ago and is considered to be the group that spearheaded catch-and-release fishing on the Gaula, with a C&R rate of well over 65%.  As of May 2012, Per Arneberg and Enrico Cristiani assumed NFC’s ownership and management. The Gaula is one of Norway’s last remaining wild, unregulated (undammed) big-salmon rivers, with an average salmon weight over 20lbs. NFC is committed to the protection of the river’s watershed as well as the wild Atlantic salmon stock which inhabit this river. The company’s aim is to continue to support wild Atlantic salmon conservation initiatives such as the North Atlantic Salmon Fund, Redd Villaksen, and the Atlantic Salmon Federation.  In addition, the company will work closely with local conservation initiatives to implement stricter river regulations, to end the netting of wild salmon in the Trondheim fjord, and to help regulate the salmon farming industry. Per and Enrico believe that there is much hope for the continued survival and growth of the Norwegian wild Atlantic salmon population in the Gaula watershed.

The NFC is excited to be able to be a part of the 1% for the Planet team and excited to see what sort of environmentally active partnerships they will be able to establish through this connection.

Boldt Communications Inc. is a boutique marketing communications agency based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. As the firm likes to say, “while we’re not a sustainability consulting firm per se – which you can pretty much find around almost every corner in Vancouver – we’ve always lived our values in how we do business, and work with individuals and firms who share our values.

While we attended a seminar on 1% for the Planet about a year ago – and heard about it because our local sustainable cooperative, Mountain Equipment Co-op, was a member – the true inspiration to join the movement came around the holidays in 2012. When our company was smaller, we’d distribute holiday gifts in the form of handmade cookies – made with love to show love to those we work with. This year – with 26 clients under our belt in 2012 – the cookie plan wasn’t really viable anymore….so we needed to find another way to show our clients our appreciation while also showing them what we care about as a company.

With that in mind, we made a donation to the Georgia Strait Alliance (an organization our president Lesli Boldt is on the board of, and an approved non-profit with 1% for the Planet). And that got us thinking: instead of making a lump sum donation to a non-profit once a year, why don’t we join a larger business-led movement for change, while having someone else – in this case, 1% for the Planet – help do the work for us. And here we are, as new members.

We already work with a range of environmental non-profit clients, in addition to our private and public sector clients. And by joining 1% for the Planet, we’re sending a broader message to all our present and future clients about who we are, what we believe in and how we do business. And since telling that story is really what Boldt Communications is all about, we see 1% for the Planet as a perfect fit.”

We thank the folks at Boldt Communications for the kind words and we really appreciate the value they see in joining a movement of like-minded businesses that are trying to do what is right for the environment.  We realize more and more everyday that we can truly accomplish more together than we could do alone.

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