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Clean Water. Healthy Fish. Happy People

Supporting healthy waters is critical to protecting public health, the economy, the well-being of people, and the environment.  The work being done in New England is a testament to how successful these efforts can be.  Renowned for its spectacular scenery, recreational opportunities, and significance to regional communities, Lake Champlain is one of New England’s most valuable treasures.  Resting between New York and Vermont, Lake Champlain supports an invaluable natural ecosystem and is an essential component of the region’s economy.  Lake Champlain International (LCI) motivates people to take actions that protect these shared water resources throughout the Lake Champlain watershed.

 Lake Champlain:

  • The sixth largest freshwater lake in the country
  • Collects water from Vermont and New York, and spans into Quebec, Canada
  • Supplies drinking water for more than 200,000 people
  • Supports 81 fish species, 300 bird species, and is a world-class fishery; named a top 5 bass fishing lake in the country and is renowned for its lake trout and salmon fishing
  • $3.8 billion in tourism expenditures within the Lake Champlain Basin

LCI Mission

Lake Champlain International (LCI) is actively involved in shaping the future of Lake Champlain’s water and fisheries health for the well-being of the people who depend on it today and tomorrow.  To protect, restore, and revitalize Lake Champlain and its communities, LCI educates, advocates, and motivates to ensure that Lake Champlain is swimmable, drinkable, and fishable, understanding that healthy water resources are essential for a healthy economy and a healthy community.

 Successes to Date


  • Received the prestigious EPA Environmental Merit Award for continuous Lake Champlain protection successes
  • Played a major role in acquiring nearly $3 million of federal funds for Lake Champlain conservation projects
  • 31st Annual Father’s Day Fishing Derby brought nearly 5,800 anglers from 24 states, resulting in millions of dollars in economic activity within the Lake Champlain Basin community
  • Reached thousands of Lake Champlain Basin residents to participate in the nationally recognized and ongoing BLUE® certification program, resulting in the prevention of urban water pollution runoff
  • Established the Blue Coalition, a statewide and growing collaborative of diverse interests promoting the urgent need for investments in clean water

Challenges to LCI’s work

  • Agricultural and urban runoff continues to be the primary sources of excess phosphorus
  • The spread of non-native nuisance species degrades fisheries and recreational opportunities
  • Antiquated dams block fish passage within our rivers preventing natural reproduction
  • Lack of public knowledge and awareness of Lake Champlain’s threats causes insufficient public participation with solutions and involvement with the issues

Call to Action

  • Just BLUE® It!  The BLUE® Certification program works directly with homeowners, businesses, and institutes to certify their homes, properties, products, and services as river and lake friendly through adopting simple practices that reduce water pollution runoff.
  • Join the Coalition.  The statewide Blue Coalition is a united collaborative of a diverse array of nonprofit organizations, businesses, and private groups that broadcasts the need for strong investments in Vermont’s drinking water and wastewater infrastructure and water protection.
  • Let your voice be heard. LCI frequently leads meetings and events with elected and appointed officials that focus on specific issues and solutions resulting in changing priorities in favor of protecting our society’s basic need for clean water.  LCI’s leaders educate community groups through interactive presentations about the importance of clean waters and healthy fisheries. You can learn more here.

Supporting a healthy lake, water resources, and fisheries will help to ensure that the wide-ranging benefits of these resources will remain viable for generations to come.  Please consider donating directly to Lake Champlain International if clean water and healthy fisheries are your concerns.

Contact Ross Saxton, LCI’s Director of Conservation & Education,, 802-879-3466 with any further questions

“Lake Champlain International has been instrumental in securing the future of Lake Champlain.  All of us who enjoy its waters every year are very grateful for your dedication…Many thanks for the work that you do.”  -Senator Patrick Leahy

“I want to extend my appreciation to you and your team at Lake Champlain International for the tremendous work you have done in promoting, advocating for and defending Lake Champlain, and the many benefits it provides to the State of Vermont.”   -Governor Jim Douglas

“Lake Champlain International is thinking creatively about how to engage the community in protecting water quality, making the lake safe for recreation and fishing.”   -Senator Bernie Sanders

“Lake Champlain International does a tremendous job promoting and encouraging the care and conservation of Lake Champlain … Your efforts will help ensure Lake Champlain remains healthy for future generations.”  -Governor Peter Shumlin


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