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Back to Winter!

Well, winter has reared its head again here in the Mad River Valley.  After a stretch of above average temperatures, the snow is once again flying and starting to pile up on the roads.  Depending on the weather prognosticator, we could end up with 5 inches or even 30 inches up high in the mountains.  That good ole New England weather can be so hard to predict.

Along with keeping a close eye on the weather, we’re also staying busy enrolling new members.  In recent weeks, KLEBER Taschen and Verdical Group have both been welcomed into the 1% for the Planet family.

Based in Esslingen, Germany, KLEBER Taschen is a unique provider of protective cases for electronic devices.  According to the company, they operate on the principle that “we have just one planet.”  KLEBER Taschen provides these products for all folks beyond the mainstream who want to issue a statement. The freshly handmade pop couture sleeves for iPad, Macbook air and iPhone are all produced using environmentally practices. “We always set great value on using environmentally friendly materials like canvas and wool. We have just one planet, which we have to protect.”  In addition to producing sustainable products, KLEBER Tashen uses a portion of sales to support the nonprofits that are part of the 1% for the planet network. A key component of their business model will be using this contribution to help make the world a little better.

We really appreciate these sentiments and couldn’t be happier to have then in the network.  If you’re looking for a new cover for your Ipad or Iphone, you should definitely check them out!

Verdical Group LLC is a green building consulting firm headquartered in Los Angeles and that was founded on the principle “Do good and do well.” Verdical Group adds value to each client’s projects by using green building strategies to create operational cost savings (energy and water), provide brand and marketing enhancement, and mitigate risk.

At Verdical Group, the consultants think from the owner’s perspective. Sustainability isn’t about employing green strategies that don’t make sense for your specific project. Verdical Group drives value through cost-benefit decision making. They think about the project budget as if it were their own and make recommendations that are in line with the clients stated goals and aspirations.

“As a corporate citizen, Verdical Group is proud to join 1% for the Planet as a member company that walks the talk. We are happy to show our commitment to the environment by contributing 1% of gross sales (not just profits) to environmental organizations. In this way, Verdical Group’s commitment to the environment is woven into the company’s DNA and is a cost of doing business rather than an after thought.”

Verdical Group just produced this short video about their business.  It’s a must watch!

Needless to say, Verdical Group really gets it.  They are making a difference for their clients, the community, and the environment.  If you haven’t already done so, you should take the time to check them out, especially if your business is considering LEED certification for your building or related green building services?  In addition to their website, you can find them on Facebook and Linkedin.

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