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Pura Vida Ride's Giving Story

The following post was written by Martyn Hoffmann, the owner of Pura Vida Ride (member #2754). If you are interested in sharing your giving story on our blog- please email a short post to and we will share them here!

2012 was Pura Vida Ride’s first year as a member of 1% for the Planet.  For us as a company, joining 1% FTP and committing our money to the environment was putting into action our core beliefs as individuals and as a company.

As we discussed where to put our money, the one requirement that floated to the surface was that we reinvest in Costa Rica and keep our donations local.  As a result we found 6 qualified non-profit organizations in Costa Rica that are approved 1% for the Planet nonprofit partners.  Rather than us as a company deciding who should receive our donation, we opened it up to our fans, friends, and community to decide.  We engaged all of the organizations and their fan bases in a vote to see who should receive the money.

Using Facebook as a social media platform, we put the question to the people over a two-week period.  The voting was fierce across the board but two non-profits quickly floated to the top and were neck and neck up until an hour before the voting ended.

We had almost 21,000 people exposed to the voting effort, and 1,909 combined votes amongst all of the organizations.  The exposure for each of these organizations was astounding and everyone benefitted from igniting their support base and educating everyone else’s support base about their mission and work in Costa Rica.

At the close of voting, La Paz Community School won with 816 votes, followed closely by Nectandra Institute with 814 votes.

La Paz Community School is non-profit, preschool through high school offering experiential bilingual education to the culturally diverse youth of Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

La Paz Community School offers an authentic learning experience in a rural, ecologically and ethnically diverse region of the world.  Growing from 50 to 215 students in under six years, La Paz represents a microcosm of sustainable globalization where half of the students come from 25 countries around the world to join together with local Costa Rican youth to learn how to be creative, multilingual, environmentally conscious stewards of their community and beyond.

A dynamic scholarship program includes 25% of the student population and ensures a diverse and talented population.  Through paradigm challenging intercultural discourse with members of the school, community, and world, La Paz students are equipped to fundamentally transform the world into a better, more sustainable place for all to live.

In short, this experience was rewarding on so many levels for us, and we are thrilled to continue this tradition of giving 1% back to the planet!

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