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Giving Just Feels Right!

 “We make a living by what we get.  We make a life by what we give.”

 –       Winston Churchill

Although, I’m not sure if every member of the 1% for the Planet network would completely agree with this quote, it is one that I think of often when speaking with new members.   I have heard the motivation for becoming part of 1% described in various ways, but in the end there’s a general consensus about doing well while also doing what is right.  If there wasn’t some intrinsic value in this theory, then there wouldn’t be so many new businesses contacting us everyday.  Two of the newest additions to the 1% family are the John Corcoran Law Firm and Goodgood Box.

Owner and Attorney, John Corcoran was kind enough to give us a little insight into his businesses background and his rationale for joining 1% for the Planet.  In John’s own words…

One of the books I re-read during 2012 and which has had a big influence on me was Drive by Dan Pink.  In Drive, Dan Pink uses 50 years of social science research to explain the “third drive” – that is, the most common motivators for workers today.  He found there are three common motivators for most people when it comes to their work – self-autonomy, mastery and purpose.  He finds that truly driven, successful and happy people tend to be those who have autonomy over their work, the opportunity to achieve mastery in their work by being challenged on a regular basis, and who have a larger purpose in the work they do.

I realized I have numbers one and two down, but since I started my law firm in 2011, I have not defined a larger purpose.  What is the purpose in practicing law? One purpose is helping entrepreneurs and business owners to build their dream businesses. That’s a great purpose. But it’s not all.

I did a lot of thinking during 2012 about what my larger purpose should be. I knew I don’t want to be another lawyer who plugs away for 25 years in a small office then just turns off the lights on the way out. That would be far too boring. I have a bigger vision for myself.  After a lot of deep thinking, I decided that my businesses (both the Corcoran Law Firm and the affiliated business, Smart Business Revolution) would join 1 Percent for the Planet in 2013.

I decided to join because participating will allow me to get back in touch with my commitment to environmental causes which I’ve focused on earlier in my career when I worked in politics and public affairs consulting.  For example, when I worked in the Clinton White House, one of the subject areas I worked on was environmental issues. Although I played a small role, it was rewarding to be involved in helping to communicate environmental policy at such a high level.   Later, I worked as a Speechwriter for the Governor of California, and during the California energy crisis of 2000-2002, was instrumental in the creation of the award-winning Flex Your Power energy conservation campaign. I also served as a public affairs consultant working with various public and private sector clients, including as a consultant to the County of Marin on the successful effort to establish the groundbreaking Marin Clean Energy program.

1 Percent For the Planet membership sends a message that there is a greater goal at work here. The goal is to help entrepreneurs and business owners to build epic businesses, sure. But the larger goal is to do this work as a citizen of the world, to give back to the rest of humanity and to help care for this precious planet to deliver it to future generations.  I also sincerely hope that by joining 1% FTP, other larger California law firms will decide to join as well. Many larger firms can have a much greater impact than our boutique firm can. I want my son to live in a world that has abundant forests, clean water, and healthy oceans, and by joining 1 Percent For the Planet, I feel like I’m doing my small part.

Thanks for the inspirational message John!  We’re excited to do our part in helping you realize your goals.

Based out of Millwood, Virginia, Goodgood Box also joined the movement in January.  Goodgood box is a monthly subscription service that offers all natural, safe, non-toxic products in a convenient box delivered to your doorstep. The company’s mission is to provide a convenient way for those interested in all natural products to discover products they may not have found and ultimately help an individual or family convert to using exclusively all natural, safe products.

We joined 1% for the Planet because of the immediate impact that our donations would have not just on us, but the entire world we live in. The values and mission of 1% for the Planet are exactly in line with what we believe and stand for, and joining to give our support was part of our business plan from day one. We hope to partner and build relationships with as many organizations in the 1% for the Planet family as possible, but especially those organizations that produce or distribute all natural consumer products.  We’d like to thank 1% for the Planet for the impact they’re having on the world we live in, and the opportunity to be a part of their family. It’s truly an honor!

In our opinion, the real thanks should all go to our new members.  It is these companies’ ambitious commitment to giving back that makes it all possible.  We look forward to working with Goodgood Box and John Corcoran Law Firm in 2013!

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