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Right, Left & in the Middle

When prospective businesses contact 1% for the Planet, we’re always excited to see what type of market or industry they’re involved in.  You never know if it’s going to be a new micro brewery in Minnesota, a company making bracelets in Costa Rica, or a surf company in Australia.  It’s amazing to see sustainability taking hold in almost every industry.  New members of the 1% for the Planet family, Nowhere, Alp Fitness, and Tikun Collective represent the diversity that makes our network so special.

Based out of Broolyn, New York, Nowhere is a journal of literary travel writing, photography and art. This is not a journal that runs reviews of spas or shopping centers or Top 10 Vacation Getaways. Nowhere is only interested in what they see as the three elements of travel: people, place and time.

More than anything, Nowhere tries to relate authentic stories from the field. In kind, Nowhere recently joined forces with Ethical Traveler to show how travel and tourism (they’re different) affect communities in good and damaging ways.  According to Editor Porter Fox, “We feel that 1% For the Planet has a similar goal: to show that sustainability is the only way to continue doing what we love to do.  We’re excited to join up and do our small part, both financially and as a voice in the travel industry.”

If you haven’t already done so, you should definitely take a look at their amazing work.  We recommend making sure your schedule is flexible; once you start reading, it’s hard to stop.



If you’ve finished reading and are ready to start exercising, you’ll want to learn more about California based Alp Fitness. Their belief was that joining 1% for the Planet was the next logical step for a business that provides personal coaching and training services to triathletes and runners.

“As an enterprise dedicated to promoting health and fitness, Alp Fitness is a firm believer in giving back to the community by funding projects for a healthier world,” notes Adam Hodges, founder and head coach of Alp Fitness.

Alp Fitness currently supports the non-profit Shoe4Africa by encouraging runners to donate their used running shoes help prevent hookworm and promote health and fitness programs in Kenya. It is also donating to Shoe4Africa’s hospital building project by pledging $1 for every copy sold of a new training book, The Endurance Athlete’s Guide, written by Hodges.

Now as a member of 1% for the Planet, Alp Fitness is looking to expand the funding to environmentally focussed initiatives by supporting organizations involved in trail building and bicycle advocacy.


Located right in the middle, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Tikun Collective is an innovative new design and architecture firm. Tikun Collective believes that design can help repair the world. The name comes from the Hebrew phrase, “tikkun olam” and means repairing the world. It’s one of their core values and it guides the overall design philosophy. According to ownership, “we begin this work by salvaging scrap materials to craft your environment. We launched this spring with our first product, our Zara lamp kit, a lamp using an LED bulb for low energy use and a shade made from salvaged mat board. Tikun is a design and architecture collective working at multiple scales and on multiple projects with hopes of expanding our design reach to all types of buildings and product lines by employing the most sound and genuine sustainable practices and materials. This is just the beginning, come join us and learn more.”

Tikun Collective was inspired to join 1% for the Planet because they wanted to show that their commitment to repairing the world goes beyond their words, their products and their work. As they say, “we can’t wait to expand our network of friends and partners for collaboration, activism and solidarity in the most important challenge facing us today – how to heal our culture and world.”

We love having new members from all over the country and in a wide variety of industries.  As the breadth and size of the network grows, so will our ability to effect positive change!  Thank you for your efforts Nowhere, Alp Fitness, and Tikun Collective.

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