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Looking for new places to shop?

On the heels of the Black Friday / Cyber Monday madness, we wanted to take a deep breath and welcome three new members to the 1% for the Planet family.  Surf Organic, Treetie, and Plak That all hopped on board during the last month and we couldn’t be happier to have them.  As you’re doing your holiday shopping, we hope that you’ll take the time to check out these awesome new members that are using the power of businesses to help the planet.


Based out of Bondi Beach, Australia, Surf Organic is an environmentally focused Australian surf company. The company’s primary product is an eco friendly surf wax, which is made from a blend of renewable resources and high performance ingredients and is packaged with 100% recycled materials.  They were inspired to join 1% For the Planet because simply making eco friendly products was not enough to achieve the company’s goal; Surf Organic doesn’t want to have a neutral impact on the environment, they want to have a overall positive effect.  We admire this ambitious mission and are excited to help make it happen.  Ultimately, Surf Organic plans on continuing to develop partnerships that will allow them to contribute to ocean and marine environment causes.


Treetie is a great new eco-boutique.  According to founder and owner Nichole Dunst, Treetie signifies a treaty or alliance between the world of fashion and Mother Nature. Every item sold on has been made using environmentally friendly materials and with the use of fair trade. From colorful scarves hand loomed in the South American highlands to beautiful blouses designed and manufactured in Portland, OR, each item has a story. ‘Slow fashion’ is movement that encourages trends to move through their cycles at a slower pace, thus making it possible to put tender, love, and care into each piece. The goal of Treetie is to show fashionistas out there that they can indeed wear beautiful clothing that has been created through ethical means.

Nichole was inspired to join the 1% for the Planet family because it felt like the most logical way to help give back to causes that she’s passionate about. Talking about becoming a member, Nichole said, “I love that I have the flexibility to know where my donations are going, and to even have a say in where they’re allocated to. 1% of profits may not seem like a lot for many small businesses, but collectively we are making a huge difference and seeing amazing results.”  We couldn’t agree more.

Furthermore, Nichole looks forward to creating long-lasting partnerships with other like-minded business people, especially those in similar industries like the fashion, beauty, and health industries. “I’d love to hear everyone’s stories and backgrounds, and to know what inspired them to dedicate a portion of their profits to this cause. I am very excited to be part of this organization and I look forward to seeing both Treetie and 1% for the Planet grow and evolve.”  We love the enthusiasm and encourage you to take a look at the amazing items on the website!

Plak That, based out of Ocean City, Maryland, is a new company with one main goal: Create custom wood prints for individuals and re-sellers while offsetting the company’s carbon footprint.  After reading Yvon Chouinard and Paul Hawken’s books, owner Wyatt Harrison got involved in sustainability-driven initiatives including bike to school days, recycling programs, and switching his hometown’s street lights over to LED.  When he found himself starting his own wood print business, the best practice was to set it up in a way that replenishes and replants the earth more than the business takes away.  This partnership with 1% For the Planet combined with the use of FSC certified and reclaimed wood makes Plak That a leader in the wood print business.  In the next few weeks, Plak That will also be partnering with the Arbor Day Foundation to donate the planting of a tree for every wood print that is sold.  Wyatt hopes to join other nonprofits in raising awareness about many of our depleted resources and how businesses can do the right thing while also increasing their bottom line, a theory that is still largely overlooked.  Check them out today and create your own unique, sustainable, custom wood print at  Beautiful, eco-friendly prints sound like a perfect stocking stuffer!

Welcome again to these great new members!

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