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Gracias California!

Well, personally this is my favorite time of the year, and I hope that whoever may be reading this post is just as excited!  ‘Tis the season for sipping hot cider, reconnecting with dear friends and family, and gifting thoughtfully (have you heard about our #LoveYourMother campaign!?  Get at it!).  I hope that you’re all looking forward to a wonderful holiday in great company.

And now, before we sign off for the holidays, Rebecca and I wanted to extend a huge thank you to our California network for a remarkable past few weeks.  Thank you to Shaper Studios and to Klean Kanteen for most recently hosting 1% network gatherings.

Down south in San Diego, we brought together folks from The San Diego River Park Foundation, Fathom Change, Squeeze Play (thanks for the bounty of produce Brad, Alicia and Kristin!), Drips Water, San Diego Coastkeeper, and Van Eck Enterprises.  Derrik showed the group around Shaper Studios, where he and co-owner, Chris Clark, help customers create DIY surfboards, or as Derrik says, “the surfboard version of build-a-bear.”  If you’re in need of a new board anytime soon, be sure to check them out!

Up north in Chico, Rebecca and I walked into the Klean Kanteen headquarters to find co-owner, Michelle, skipping on – obviously – a skipper.  Work becomes a bit more fun when you’ve got Just Jump It adjacent to your offices!  Jeff and Caroleigh gave us a great tour around their facilities where we got to peer in at what they said was “just a sampling” of their co-branded water bottles — shelves upon shelves full, and take a stop in to see their packing and shipping warehouse (photo below), which is quite the operation during this holiday time!  We were then joined by member companies, California Solar Electric Company, and nonprofit partner Bridging the Gap, for a more in depth discussion about 1% partnerships and opportunities.  Thank you guys for making the trip to join us!

We’re really looking forward to working with our California network in the coming new year to put these thoughts and ideas into action.  The feedback we’ve acquired from these gatherings has been enormously helpful and will be the backbone of our 2013 business plan.  If thoughts arise in the meantime – comments, suggestions, questions – please do send them my way (!

It’s been our pleasure having had the opportunity to meet face-to-face with so many of the people behind our network these past few months!  Thank you for teaching Rebecca and myself so much about this vast landscape – all the way from San Diego to Chico! We’re very much looking forward to continuing the conversation.  Happy Holidays!


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