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Hurricane Sandy Support

This past weekend, Waitsfield, VT community members helped build sandbag barriers and secure plywood to window frames in preparation for Hurricane Sandy. While Vermont was lucky this time, our hearts go out to hard hit communities along the East Coast.

We’ve heard from many of our business members who want to use their 1% contributions to assist recovery efforts—and we’re here to help you connect with groups making a difference.

Until we can get a comprehensive list of organizations doing work on the ground, we encourage you to support our partners working to reduce the chance of storms like Sandy happening in the first place.  Climate change is a reality that must be taken seriously. 

Please consider donating to the following organizations, and if you know of others that can use our help, let us know! is building a global grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis ( is known for pulling together massive groups of people worldwide who want to fight against the fossil fuel industry- our largest carbon emitters.  By solving the climate crisis, they are lowering the likelihood of storms like Sandy occurring as frequently. Along with asking for your support, they are asking Big Oil, Coal and Gas to help pay for the damage they have created.

Another organization that is doing great Sandy-related work is Climate Central, based in Princeton, NJ.  Climate Central conducts scientific research on climate change and informs the public of key findings ( Climate Central is not an advocacy organization; they are conveying the scientific facts so citizens and policymakers can work to stabilize the climate and/or prepare for the impacts it will have on us. 

Please keep in mind that while you cannot count donations to unapproved organizations toward your 1% contribution, organizations like the Red Cross can always use your help during times like this. As news comes in we will be in touch via our Facebook and Twitter pages to share other ways you can help!

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