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On the road in California!

Thanks to a generous grant from the Orfalea Foundation, 1% FTP now has the opportunity and resources it needs to launch an in-depth effort to build out its California network. To kick it off, myself and colleague, Rebecca, have been hosting several 1% FTP network gatherings throughout this golden state. The goal of these gatherings is to get caught up with our local members and nonprofits, meet face to face, chat about what high impact partnerships are currently underway, and to discuss what environmental issues should be on the docket! Thus far, we’ve had four gatherings in Berkeley, San Francisco, Petaluma and Santa Cruz.

These gatherings have been fantastic! Last week at The Hub, San Francisco, I was so pleased to actively watch members and nonprofits connect and create plans for follow-up working relationships. Bill Acevedo, of member company Wendel, Rosen, Black and Dean, LLP invited Mike Marshall, Executive Director of nonprofit partner Restore Hetch Hetchy, to be a guest on his radio show, The Wendel Forum. Mike will use the air time to discuss his current work on Prop F – a ballot measure that requires the city of San Francisco to make a plan for the city’s water future. Thanks to Bill and his show, Mike will now be getting the word out for “YES on F” to a new audience. Be sure to listen in – you can hear it every Saturday morning at 9:30 a.m. here!

Of course, if you’ve been reading your 1% email communications, you’re well aware that we are in the final push with Patagonia‘s Twitter campaign for Vote the Environment. Naturally, we’ve woven in some tweeting fun at these events and all attendees have greatly enjoyed getting out their #becauseilove statement to support the campaign! Whether or not you’ve been able to attend an event, we encourage you to take action and Vote the Environment! Pictured below, myself along with Forest and Ingrid, of 1% member company Painted Sun Recordings, vote the environment #becausewelove YOU.

When we’re not busy crafting our clever Vote the Environment tweets, it has been wonderful to hear about the great work that’s underway amongst our network. Here in the east bay, the conversation revolved heavily around sustainable agriculture and access to local food. Linda, of Self-Sustaining Communities, and Leah, of Mesa, gave updates about their organizations’ initiatives on both food and agriculture — Self-Sustaining Communities is busy remodeling urban spaces into local community gardens, while MESA is providing cross-cultural exchanges to preserve traditional techniques and to spur innovation amongst today’s up-and-coming farmers. Over in Petaluma, with Neal of 1% member company Three Twins Ice Cream (pictured below), the Daily Acts, the Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy and the Petaluma Wetlands Alliance all partook in an inspiring discussion about the opportunity to pool their time and resources together to protect their local Petaluma River.

As exemplified by the aforementioned conversations, these gatherings have allowed us to see clear examples of the 1% model in action. This past Monday at our Santa Cruz get-together, Laura Kasa, the Executive Director of Save Our Shores, shared with us a great story about how she became acquainted with the 1% network through Peak Teams. Peak Teams, a 1% member company that provides organizational development to businesses around the world, reached out to Save Our Shores, because they were interested to learn about their work and if it might align with Peak Teams’ mission of leading positive change. This was back in April of this year, and since this initial check-in, Peak Teams has become Save Our Shores’ most significant donor, they’ve spoken at fundraisers and provided silent auction donations, and this past August, Shane Toohey, CEO of Peak Teams, joined the board of Save Our Shores. “1% for the Planet was the way we got connected to such a great company. We are grateful,” remarks Laura.

These gatherings have been a bundle of fun and inspiration, and the people attending them make all the difference. From the law firms, musicians and real estate agents, to the makers of some bare necessities of life: sail bags, salsa bowls, awesome shades (modeled below by our very own Rebecca Calahan Klein!), delicious soda, surf trips and ice cream, it makes for quite the delightful medley of businesses and nonprofits all coming together to support the planet!

Thank you all for the great work you do, and a huge thanks goes out to our event hosts: Three Twins Ice Cream, the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County, and The Hub (both Berkeley and San Francisco)! For those of you in the Ventura, Chico, San Diego, or LA area – stay in touch (, because we are coming your way soon!

Lastly… it’s the day before election day so it seems most befitting that I gently remind everyone to VOTE! and conclude this post with a Vote the Environment Tweet:

@Bnunnink: I vote the environment #becauseilove & believe in the power & influence of #CSR to support a healthier planet & future

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