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New Snow & New Members

New Snow

The snow is starting to fall here in Vermont and it won’t be long until we’re breaking out the skis and snowshoes!  Pretty soon it will be puffy jackets, hats, and mittens on the way to and from work.  Brrrr!  Along with ushering in the winter’s first snows, we also wanted to introduce new member businesses Native Box, Lilian Dauzat, and Hanley’s Foods.

Native Box

Native Box is a monthly subscription of natural, eco-firendly, and sustainable products that are healthier, safer, and better for you and the planet.  Based out of Peakhurst, Austrailia, Native Box is committed to connecting its customers with businesses that provide exceptional organic and pure eco-products.  By subscribing to their service, consumers will save time, money, and disappointment.  Not only does Native Box offer an amazing service, but they are committed to doing business the right way.  According to their mission statement:

We believe that each dollar spent is vote cast for a healthier world. We have the power to tell the market what we want produced and how we want it manufactured. This is the power of choice and it feels good! It’s our mission to make it easier to make good shopping decisions that are better for you, your family and your planet and this is primarily why Native Box chooses to partner with 1% for the Planet. Together we seek to make a positive impact by working with like minded organizations and ensuring that funds go back into a sustainable Planet for future generations to enjoy.” 

We are incredibly excited to have Native Box in the network and we look forward to expanding the influence of 1% for the Planet in Australia!

One of our other new international member businesses is Lilian Dauzat.  As the owner and operator, Lilian acts as an independent consultant that specializes in business development, planning, strategy, and web marketing.  When discussing his decision to join 1% for the Planet, Lilian said “we have exceeded the limits of what the planet can provide and support: that’s a fact.  Each and everyone’s action is necessary to try and repair the damages to the environment, but alone, you quickly feel helpless. This is the reason why I think that a private company joining a network of like-minded organizations is the ideal structure to allow a large scale change.”   It’s wonderful to welcome another member business to our growing network in France and exciting to see Lilian Dauzat’s commitment to using business to help solve our environmental problems.

Hanley's Foods

Last but not least, we would like to extend a warm welcome to Hanley’s Foods, based in Prairieville, Louisiana.  Established in August 2012 by Richard Hanley Jr., this new business is producing a delicious salad dressing that his family has been perfecting for decades.  Richard’s passion for making salad dressing for family and friends transitioned into the company it is today, after a trip to the local market. According to company lore, he had gone to gather up all of his favorite ingredients to make another bottle of his famous dressing, when a light bulb went off.  He thought, “Why isn’t this in stores? Not only is Sensation salad dressing a classic in southern Louisiana, but the locals know and love it.” Two years later, the dressing launched.  Not only is this beloved dressing created using an authentic southern-style family recipe, but it contains no preservatives or additives, it’s made locally, and it’s packaged in recyclable glass bottles.  Becoming part of 1% for the Planet allowed Hanley’s Foods to show their true support of  environmental causes.  We thank Richard for his commitment and look forward to trying out a bottle of “Sensation” in the near future!

Welcome to all of our new members at home and abroad!  Lets keep the momentum going into the winter.

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