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Vote for the world YOU want to live in!

Time’s a-tickin!  Tonight marks the first presidential debate between President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney and Election Day is but five weeks from today!  Are you registered?  Are you informed?  Are you ready?

This fall, 1% for the Planet is partnering with Patagonia to help spread the word about their Vote the Environment (VtE) campaign.  VtE is  a campaign that encourages Americans to do three things: register to vote, educate yourself about your congressional representatives’ environmental voting records, and vote the environment on election day!  The VtE campaign is engaging the realm of social media via a Twitter hasthtag, #becauseilove, which enables voters to integrate a personal statement into the political discussion about why they love the environment.

Who’s involved?  Who’s Tweeting?  I am (@bnunnink)! Along with @1PercentFTP, @paulinejstevens, @leahpcameron, @bfriedsam and… you?!  New Belgium Brewing (@newbelgium) eagerly hopped aboard to spread the word to their network, Jack Johnson (@jackjohnson) has been a huge advocate for the campaign and even Ascenta Health hailed us from Canada to see how they could help, recognizing that, regardless of being in a different country, we all inhabit the same planet and if we are to achieve the most beneficial and sizable changes, collaboration across borders is essential.

5 weeks left!!  Ready to get involved?  See how in three easy steps:

1. Start Tweeting!  Share with your friends and followers why you vote the environment!  Tweet from your personal Twitter account and your organization’s Twitter account.

Fill in the blank with the name of your favorite place or outdoor activity and then tweet your completed sentence: “I vote the environment #becauseilove _____________.”

**Bonus Points**

Attach a photo to your Tweet (photos are worth so much more than 140 characters!)

Print out this VtE sign, fill it out, take a photo of yourself holding it, and TWEET!  Tag @1PercentFTP and we’ll retweet you!

2. Bring your website’s traffic into the VtE conversation by using this widget.  Let us know the average website views your site gets per month (, and we’ll get you the embed code for the VtE widget, which allows any visitors to your website to tweet then and there.

3. Join us!  On 10.11.12, show up to your computer (or iPad, or smartphone…) for a Twitter Party and let’s get a Twitter storm underway about why we vote the environment.  10:00-11:00 am PDT on 10.11.12! 

Questions?  Comments?  Please send them to

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