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Squeaky Clean

Let me introduce, Fabled Frog Soap, Inc. a new member company that handcrafts soaps and skin care products, with a deep commitment to the health of ecosystems and communities. Along with being B Corp Certified, the company carefully selects resources that are certified as organic, fair trade and renewable in every aspect of their business from the raw ingredients to their office supplies. Their products are crafted with the mindset of “first, do no harm.”  

Fabled Frog Soap’s founder, Kimberly Merenz, believes that the exploitation of both human and natural resources must change at every level of our culture. Merenz told us that “becoming a 1% for the Planet member supports our belief and philosophy that our lives are our gift to the future.”

The primary goal of Fabled Frog Soap is the preservation and restoration of water resources and wetland ecology for the benefit of all species. The company critically evaluates the source of raw materials and their impact on the entire community, including the wilderness that supports and contributes to the quality of life for all species. Fabled Frog Soap is particularly interested in frogs, being one of the first species to show genetic mutations and population decline when an environment is polluted. Amphibians are revealing our future.

Through Fabled Frog Soap, consumers can learn about threats to water resources and amphibian habitat. The company is committed to ensuring that the future is a better place to be for our children and our amphibian friends. With 41% of amphibian species at risk of extinction, it is critical that habitat loss, pollution, disease and over-exploitation of the environment be corrected. The responsible use of natural resources and support of 1% nonprofit partner organizations like Endangered Species International are examples of Fabled Frog Soap’s commitment to being ‘The Change’. Welcome to 1% FTP and we’re proud to have such a squeaky clean business in our network!

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