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Rabbit, Rabbit!

It sure is dreary here in Vermont, on this first day of October! Thankfully we have some beautiful foliage peaking through the clouds to remind us that summer has come to an end and it’s time to start layering and get your Bean Boots out of storage. While we say goodbye to summer and all of the warmth and sunshine it gave us, we would like to welcome the month of October into our lives, along with welcoming 49southphoto and Beyond coconut water to our network!

49southphoto is a very small business, headquartered at the foot of Mount Fitz Roy in Patagonia.  They design field guides that are ideal companions for any explorer of the remote and natural landscapes in southern South America.

49southphoto’s owner, Diego Punta Fernández is a photographer, naturalist and active conservationist. He is involved in a number of conservation and environmental education projects- including his main project that is related with the Hooded Grebe, an endemic Patagonian bird that is critically endangered. Diego told us that he believes “in using businesses to effect positive changes, and [his] hope is to inspire other local and regional companies to become part of this great organization. [He is] really proud of being part of this fabulous movement.” Diego, we’re proud to have you!

Our next shout-out goes to a tasty beverage company based in AustraliaBeyond was one of the first coconut water brands to hit Australian markets.  Their coconut water comes straight from young coconuts in Thailand and is bottled completely as is, without any additives. Beyond coconut water is stored in a clean and elegant airtight glass bottle for freshness and convenience and it eliminates any chance of being popped or pierced like their tetra carton competitors.

Beyond coconut water is not just a great tasting and hydrating drink, but in fact there are numerous health benefits associated with drinking 100% natural coconut water. It is a wonderful source of electrolytes while being free of fat, cholesterol, added sugar, sodium or flavoring!  Beyond was inspired to join 1% for the Planet in order to have the opportunity to fundamentally give back to the earth that allows them to create this natural beverage.  Beyond understands and embraces the notion that the sustainability of the natural environment is vital to the sustainability of any business!

We look forward to working with these new members and if you find yourself in Patagonia or Melbourne, we hope that you choose to support them! And if you find yourself in Vermont, you should take advantage of these fun, free, foliage filled activities, or take a drive up Route 17 over the Appalachian Gap and see what I see on my daily commute…

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