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Naturally Designed Payroll

It’s been a beautiful start to fall here in Vermont, with the foliage looking as great as ever! Although the following members joined this summer (it’s been fall for 3 days!!), it’s never too late to give a new member shout-out! Welcome to Natural Design from the UK and Rainmaker Payroll from Santa Barbara, CA!

Natural Design specializes in creating beautiful paper flowers, gifts, decorations, favors and stationery for weddings and special occasions. Their paper flowers are made from “saa paper”, a sustainable resource and all of their stationery is 100% recycled. Ann-Marie Edmondson, the founder of Natural Design was inspired to join 1% for the Planet after reading Yvon Chounard’s book.  She really admires Patagonia’s approach to business and is pleased to be part of this responsible business community. Welcome Ann-Marie!

Rainmaker Payroll provides payroll services to small businesses, households, and nonprofits. They want to do their part to reduce the waste typical of the payroll industry, and in keeping with that, all of the payrolls they process are paperless. This eliminates the bulk of the paper resources used in the payroll process. The small amount of necessary paper they use is shredded and fed to their composting worms. When Tamra Gill envisioned this company, being a 1% for the Planet member and forming relationships with nonprofits was part of that vision. They’re excited to be a member of a community of businesses with similar values and they plan on donating to an organization in the Santa Barbara community.

We hope you support the products and services of these two new members! Welcome to 1% for the Planet!

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