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The Ultimate #FF

Happy Friday everyone! In honor of it being everyone’s favorite day of the week, and the first day of the Olympic track events (which I am so excited for), I am going to announce some of our new members! Welcome to all of these awesome companies!

Also, here’s a great picture of our founder, Yvon with Karl Karlsson, the owner of our new member company Heggøy Aktiv. Karl lives in Norway and recently finished a week fishing trip with Yvon, where he had Yvon witness the signing of his membership agreement on July 4th. What a great way to celebrate the holiday!

So here goes my marathon list of new members: Life Design Labo Kabushiki Gaisha, Mendill, AJ Financial Planning, Green Apple, Green Kid Crafts, Motiv Fishing, Balarama, Eleven Concepts, Juna Yoga Inc., Juniper Desert, Lipton Group, Flyway SC, The Chill Group, Inc., Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Tonewood Maple, Entre Nous, Gunkholin’ Charters, Loop LLC, and Empowr.d .


Terre et Lac GmbH, Gerd Essl, Osmuim, Water Satety Corporation, Homerun Records, Squid, Drips Water, Pop Paddle Boards, SLO Coat Kayaks, Zenoobi.comleBeat graphic & motiondesign, Zimt Artisan Chocolates Limited, Artfully Adorned, Bonchic Pty LTD, BonLife Coffee, Caravan Collective Alternative Apparel, Natural Design, Nuage Inc., Mountain Professionals, Green Label Coffee Company, hippiebred, Momentum Janitorial Inc., Adventure Film and Ascertain Screening and Investigations LLC.

(rest) I thought I could make it, but there are still more!

Bodhicheetah, Chameleon Training, Confluence Sustainability LLC, Elixir Board Co.GECER GRUPO ESPECIALIZADO EN CULTURA ECOLÓGICA RADICAL S.A. DE C.V., Granny Smith Natural Food Market, Imaginally, Island Olive Oil Company, Lofoten Fish Company, Love Chai, NK Consulting Co., Optimum Condition, Steve’s Ice Cream/Chozen Ice Cream, TY YANN and last but definitely not least, Rainmaker Payroll Inc.

(arms in the air, sprinting across the finish-line) Welcome to all of our new members, and definitely check out their webpages to learn a little more about each of them! Also, keep in mind that if you are one of these members and have sent in additional information about your company, we will write a blog post about you soon! Happy weekend/Olympic watching!

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