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Look what July cooked up!

July was a big month here at 1% for the Planet with more than 50 new member companies joining the network! That’s the second largest July on the books, and we’re excited to introduce you to these new companies and the people behind them.

Gerd Essl joined 1% for the Planet with his eponymous business. Based in Austria, Gerd’s mission “is to support individuals in their self-development, so that social and economic evolution will be influenced in a positive and sustainable way” He’s convinced that the society can deal with future problems through the personal growth and development of each individual.

His work focuses on business coaching and psycho-social counseling. Focal points are self-development, decision-making, stress, self-esteem, work with singles, leadership/management development, authenticity, potential development, creative thinking as well as help with fear of flying.

Gerd should have checked in with Leema and Brit before they got in the car–they’re driving West today!

Straight from Gerd: “I joined “1% for the planet” because of my strong interest in economic and ecologic issues. Even if it´s just one percent – together it will make a difference.”

Sticking with the “G Theme” we have going, Green Kid Crafts is a mom-owned, green company making it easier for parents to enjoy spending quality time with their children doing fun, creative and earth friendly activities.

Through their month-to-month or gift subscription programs, families enjoy receiving Discovery Boxes each month filled with three unique and engaging craft activities.  Each project is intended for children ages 3-8, and designed to foster their creativity and confidence while developing their respect and love for the environment.

Founded by mom and environmental activist Penny Bauder, Green Kid Crafts was inspired to join 1% for the Planet to help promote sustainable business practices and augment their existing environmental and community driven work.  The company follows a strict sourcing policy, is certified carbon neutral and supports their local community in a variety of ways from sponsoring local Boys & Girls Club crafting events to mentoring disadvantaged women. (They are actually a finalist in Green America’s People & Planet Awards right now! Support them by voting at!)

Through their partnership with 1%FTP, they are able to formalize another aspect of their corporate giving program in a way that fits with their planet-focused business philosophy.

Welcome Gerd and Penny!

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