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1% for the Planet in the News: Record Breaking Year for Media Coverage

Thanks to our diverse network of members, partners and Ambassadors and our PR efforts, the 1%FTP movement is having a record-breaking year in terms of media coverage. We’ve had more than 60 million media impressions year-to-date, more than twice the reach of our earned media efforts in 2011.

Clearly the general public, business world, and media outlets are recognizing that a commitment to sustainability is part of a strong and necessary business strategy. And 1% for the Planet continues to provide a credible and engaging platform for companies to walk the talk. Below are some highlights of media coverage that mentions 1% for the Planet.

NY Times blog “A Plan for a Greener Business”

Member/Ambassador Jack Johnson interview that we setup on Look to the Stars about eco-activism.

Wall Street Journal article “Patagonia’s Founder is America’s Most Unlikely Business Guru”

Member/Ambassador Kris Holm’s article on the new OutsideOnline 1%FTP Ambassador Series.

Interview with Patagonia’s Jenn Rapp on Transworld Business

Huffington Post article mentions 1%FTP members as sources for ethical gift-purchases.


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