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Rise & Shine!

We are pleased to announce the addition of Green Label Coffee to our network, and to tell you that Bluewater Distillery (who joined in September) now has a home!

Green Label Coffee will help you rise in the morning, while Bluewater Distilling will help you shine at night!

Green Label Coffee is a small artisan roastery located in Reno, Nevada. They offer premium specialty-grade Arabica coffees that are mostly organic, fair trade and sustainably grown. Their selections are comprised of the finest single origin coffees roasted individually in small batches to bring out their inherent characteristics.

Green Label’s mission is simple: to make the finest coffees and give back to their community and planet whenever possible.  This is why the owner, Josh Watterson, said “joining 1% for the Planet was a no-brainer.” He plans on donating at least 5% of their revenues to local charities and causes that help the environment. Josh knows that alone his small business won’t be able to save the earth, but by teaming up with the rest of our network, everyone’s voices will be amplified and hopefully we can push society to act more responsibly!

Bluewater Distilling, based in Washington state, is expanding by bringing brilliantly smooth and ecologically responsible spirits to the Port of Everett waterfront – the biggest marina on the West Coast.  Bluewater’s first product is organic vodka, with an ultra-dry floral gin and seasonal liquors also in the works!

Bluewater Distilling will offer retail sales at their facility, where visitors will be able to see their copper alembic kettles and learn about distilling techniques from their skilled distillers. Bluewater’s products will also be distributed throughout Washington and Oregon by Vinum Importing, a Seattle based wine and spirits distributor. (Maybe we’ll be able to purchase it in Vermont sometime soon…? Please?) So next time you are in Seattle, make sure to stop by their distillery!

Welcome to Green Label Coffee and congratulations to Bluewater Distilling on their growth! Drink up and as Josh says, “Sit back and savor a cup… or two!” Well… maybe not two cups of vodka… but you get the idea.

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