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Members are still Rocking the Ecotrust Sundown Concert Series

Our dedicated followers may remember our series of posts about the Ecotrust Sundown Concert Series last summer; well, even though we aren’t sponsoring the series this year our members have still been highly involved.  LiFT Label Bobby Bonaparte  recaps, “Portland 1% for the Planet members, Ecotrust, Patagonia & LiFT Label, kicked off Sundown at Ecotrust 2012 concert series with a flash mob fashion show and a band try out.  When opening band AU finished their set, Bobby Bonaparte and Anthony Villella of LiFT Label took the stage to hold open auditions for local band Typhoon. The crowd was stoked about the dancing and everyone was looking fly the audition turned into a fashion show.  Silvania, El Karti and Sticks & Stones joined for an epic fashion show that emphasized local and organic apparel.”

It’s great to see that our members are continuing to collaborate in the Portland area and are so eager to share their 1% for the Planet commitments with the community!  Bobby says, “It was a great time to have the 1% for the Planet members working together the make the show a success!”

Thanks again, Portland members! If you want to see a video of the fashion show you can view it here.

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