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Imagining and Coaching to Create Better Business

Imagine a company that consults in order to create a better world.  While there could be more than one in your mind you may be thinking of one of 1% for the Planet’s newest members, Imaginally.  When asked what made Imaginally consider 1% for the Planet membership, and executive responded, “Imaginally is committed to helping further all efforts towards a healthier planet.  Our own primary contribution is to promote understanding of, and work with, the human and cultural drivers of organizational success, to build healthier organizations.  An inevitable result of the organizational robustness we seek to create is increased respect for the global context within which we all live.  1% for the Planet is an organization that is changing the paradigm of what success looks like and that’s why we are pleased to be joining as a member, along with such a great group of businesses and organizations.”

We are very happy to welcome Imaginally to our network and look forward to seeing the changes they are able to make through their business!

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Also new to the 1% for the Planet network and offering business services is Chameleon Training.  Based out of Australia Chameleon Training “has helped companies, predominantly based in Australia; enhance their communication with colleagues, clients, investors and virtual teams based throughout Asia which in turn has increased efficiency, revenue and ultimately, profitably.”

The group works with many different types of organizations, something that is made possible by their range of specializations including, “Cross cultural training, Stress Management, Key accounts management training, Myers Briggs Personality testing, Team building, [and] Presentations skill.”

We’re so glad to welcome yet another international member into our network and hope that Chameleon Training will be able to spread their environmental initiatives among their own network!

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