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Cables and Cameras Connecting People to the Planet

Photo Courtesy of is more than just an online retailer.  The store specializes in selling just about every cable you could need for your home but also is strongly committed to protecting the environment.  Amy Arendt of the company says, “Upon entering our small Sierra Nevada foothills town, a sign says, ‘Paradise- to be all its name implies.’ We have trails, flumes, wildlife, and mountain fresh water all around us. Joining the 1% for the Planet family will help us partner with local programs to strengthen their presence and causes. We believe our small efforts on a local scale will help preserve all that is Paradise.”

It’s wonderful when a company like this has such a strong connection with the area they’re located in and take the next step to make sure their natural home remains intact and beautiful.

Photo Courtesy of

White Leaf Photography is Brian Van Tighem’s way to integrate people with nature. Brian believes, “As a business owner… we need to work towards a mutually beneficial system.  I specialize in on location wedding and portrait photography, blending the beauty of our natural surroundings with the unique characters of the people I photograph.”

Brian’s primary area of concern as far as the environment is carbon emissions.  “As a photographer who travels around, my carbon footprint can sometimes be a deep one.  Since 2009, I have purchased gold standard carbon credits ( for all of my business travel to offset emissions.  I have also switched over to eco-friendly product suppliers such as handmade eco-friendly albums and prints, as well as recycled frames and digital file delivery incentives.  My websites are hosted on servers powered by 100% renewable energy, as is much of the power used in my home office.”

Thanks to Brian as well for fulfilling his duty in caring for the world he captures through photos every day.

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