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"Il Vino si Fa in Vigna" 1% for the Planet welcomes Il Palazzone!

Photo courtesy of Il Palazzone on Facebook

Il Palazzone, an Italian vineyard recently took another step in greening their business, this time by looking externally and joining the 1% for the Planet network.  Il Palazzone has been focusing on internal sustainability, implementing and utilizing only organic processes and materials and has decreased their carbon footprint by reducing bottle weight by 1/3 (don’t worry the weight loss is from glass not less wine!).

Photo courtesy of Il Palazzone on Facebook

Mandy of Il Palazzone remarks, “At Il Palazzone, we believe that Il vino si fa in vigna, or the wine is made on the vine.  In order to produce a great wine, which is our first priority, you need to start with a great grape.  You don’t get great grapes by spraying them with chemicals and artificial treatments, but by nurturing a healthy ecosystem.  We joined 1% for the Planet because we’re proud to join a network of companies who also believe in sustainability and making responsible decisions.”

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Il Palazzone to the 1% community and express thanks for their commitment to the earth.  We look forward to working with them and hearing about their future partnerships!


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