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Hot Off The Press: Three New Members!

As I’m sitting here in the sweathouse that is also known as the 1% headquarters in Vermont, I am realizing that I haven’t posted a new member introduction blog in far too long! So here it goes… an introduction to three wonderful (but unrelated) new members! Welcome to Bemed Cosmetiques, Beyond Kombucha and Ourea!

Bemed Cosmetiques is a French brand of ecological and organic cosmetics. Their products reflect the sunny colors and sensual perfumes of the Mediterranean coast. Bemed is so much more than just a new cosmetic company, and through its 1% membership, it is an ecologically responsible business that is committed to preserving the Mediterranean and to work hard for its future.

Beyond Kombucha is NYC’s solar powered kombucha brewery, producing artisan quality kombucha featuring organic and wild-crafted teas from around the world. They are thrilled to be part of 1% for the Planet, in passionate support of the work of Camino Verde, a 1% non-profit partner based in Massachusetts that is dedicated to protecting and preserving the biodiversity of the Peruvian Amazon as well as protecting indigenous rights, autonomy and wisdom. Make sure to vote for Beyond Kombucha in this year’s Mission: Small Business grant opportunity, and hopefully they will win $250,000 to help their business grow!

Another new member, Ourea, organizes two mountain running events in the UK; the Great Lakeland 3Day and the Dragon’s Back Race. The mountains where these races take place are beautiful and wild places that the owners of Ourea plan on keeping in pristine condition. They already take steps to minimize the effect that their events have on the environment but it is inevitable that there is some impact. Therefore, it is Ourea’s intention to donate their 1% to organizations at the forefront of protecting and preserving these mountains.

Ourea’s owner Shane with his wife Heather, in Scotland

We would like to extend a warm welcome to these three new member companies and look forward to working with them! Stay cool!

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