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#B1PercentFTP Webinar

Image Courtesy of B Lab


Yesterday wrapped up a few weeks worth of organizing for a webinar hosted by B Lab and 1% for the Planet.  The webinar was intended to provide insight on how to best design strategic philanthropy practices.  The call featured speakers from both organizations as well as four businesses that made the decision to be both a member of 1% for the Planet and a B Corporation.

Janie Hoffman from Mamma Chia, Kelsey Marshall from Grounds for Change, Kate O’Brien from Alima Pure Cosmetics, and Casey Sheahan from Patagonia all answered questions from both listeners and our own VP of Organizational Development, Rebecca.

Image Courtesy of B Lab


One question posed was, does membership in 1% for the Planet impact relationships with retailers and suppliers?  Janie answered by stating that when she first approached Whole Foods the B Corp, 1% FTP, and other logos had “been on our labels, had been on our certification labels, [Whole Foods wasn’t] familiar with B Corp, with Slow money but they were brought up in meetings.  But they obviously knew 1% for the Planet.”

It was great to hear such a strong response 1% FTP membership!  Casey Sheahan posited in response to the same questions that “Virtually [every member] I’ve talked to has seen a lift in business.”

Image Courtesy of B Lab


The webinar was well worth all of the preparation and we couldn’t have asked for better speakers, each representative had clear, precise ideas to share on the impact of the partnerships that formed their businesses in such a significant way.

For more questions, and interviews with B Lab coordinators stay tuned!

If you have any questions about our partnership with B Corp that you’d like to ask on Twitter just ask them and use our hashtag #B1PercentFTP

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