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Connect The Dots

As Danny mentioned in his previous post, this Saturday is’s Climate Impacts Day all over the world! Here in Vermont, not only will people be taking part in this event, but they will also be celebrating Green Up Day.  Annually, on the first Saturday in May, people from all corners of Vermont will flood into roadside ditches, lake shores and fields with a mission of picking up trash, planting trees and keeping the state beautiful!  Here in Waitsfield, just outside our office doors, Hurricane Irene did quite a number on our community. All of us at 1% for the Planet we will be helping green up our community and then later in the day joining people from to “connect the dots between climate change and extreme weather.”  We hope to see some of you there, or if you are from out of town, find an event in your area!

Continuing with this theme of connecting the dots, I challenge you to connect the dots between the following businesses around the world….

West Coast-  PlugOut, Spore Lore, Grass Roots Home Consulting,  California Solar Electric Company, Simply Straws, Green Bliss, Siempre Verde, The Greenfield Group, Skyline Eco-Adventures – Akaka Falls, Small Yellow Horses

East Coast – Hipcycle, The Whiteboard Team, EcoLogic Associates, Coast Toast Organics

Somewhere in the Middle – Nicey Treat, Simple Water, Bristol Family Law, Neighborhood Welcoming Committee, Lighthouse Conferencing, Sustainable Management Group

New England – Enriched Learning Center, North Country Enterprises, Naturesource Communications, Andy Duback Photography, OMBE, Atlantic Acupuncture

Canada –  GIVE Group, White Leaf Photographs

Japan – BeWet, Masahiro Terada

Scandinavia – SavetheC, Good Things International, MNML Agency

France – One Planet Surf, MBC Premium, Planetik

Netherlands – CleanSolutions, 7zerolab

United Kingdom –

New Zealand- Safebottles

I’m sure that by now you have guessed that these are April’s 40 new 1% members! Welcome to our network, and I wish you all a very happy Green Up Day and hope you all find a way to get involved with cleaning up your local natural landscape!

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