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Clean Hands, Clean World

We are always excited to hear about the great work that our members and non-profit partners are doing to improve the greater world. 1% for the Planet member, PeopleTowels, is starting a new program alongside nonprofit Clean the World, with a mission to halt the spread of preventable infectious diseases and save lives while simultaneously reducing waste and conserving natural resources.  This international program will carry out its mission by distributing recycled soap and reusable hand towels to impoverished communities.

To date, PeopleTowels has contributed over 12,000 hand towels to create Sustainable Hygiene Kits, which have been distributed to communities in Haiti, Honduras, the Dominican Republic and the United States by Clean the World.  The Clean Hands, Clean World partnership cements the relationship between the two organizations, establishing a mutual goal of distributing 100,000 sustainable hygiene kits and launching the PeopleTowels’One for One’ donation program.

PeopleTowels is committed to this mission because they are aware of the massive amount of resources that are wasted everyday due to the average American’s lifestyle. Every day in North America, hotels discard millions of pounds of soap, which can leach out of landfills to contaminate fragile groundwater systems. In addition, on average, people use over 3,000 paper towels outside the home every year, wasting trees, water and energy for a product that is used for a few seconds then thrown away. The worst fact of all is that five million people die every year from infectious diseases, the majority being children under the age of 5. By pairing recycled soap with reusable hand towels, millions of pounds of waste will be diverted from landfills while providing those in need with the means to practice life saving hand hygiene.

We are proud of the work that PeopleTowels is doing and hope that everyone in our network will take a page out of their book by making an honest commitment to helping those in need!  Thank you for sharing this story with us!

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