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Speakers, Booths, Dots, and Children Playing, all Connected

What a day!  As promised, 1% for the Planet participated in and sponsored a Climate Impacts Day event in our hometown of Waitsfield, VT, this past Saturday afternoon.  The event was successful, informative, and fun!  Booths where people talked about their local businesses or their non-profit organization, a panel of community members whose homes or businesses were damaged by flooding that occurred during Tropical Storm Irene last August, and speeches from Senator Bernie Sanders, Bill McKibben and an array of other local organizations, all echoed the importance of working to curb climate change.


Photo Courtesy of Katie Costello

The event culminated in the formation of a human dot in a large field, where a couple hundred people in attendance all joined hands and gathered around a giant canvas dot that said “Vermont, USA Connects the Dots.”  A small heli-cam flew overhead and took pictures of the crowd’s formation.  Our event’s picture was then added to thousands at, all screaming the same thing, climate change is directly connected to extreme weather!


Photo courtesy of 350 Vermont

I’d like to thank everyone, on behalf of 1%, who helped put this event together and everyone else all around the world who took part in helping the growth of the climate change movement.  If you’d like to see photos of the event check them out on our Facebook or Pinterest pages!


Photo Courtesy of Katie Costello

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