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Are You My Mother?

Remember the Dr. Seuss book Are You My Mother?  1% Ambassadors, did you know your mother was  a goat?  A GOAT.  Not your typical goat however.  Here’s how it all began…

The GOATS (Gathering of Artists, Athletes and Technologists) bred Jackson Hole WY are a different type… feisty and stubborn maybe, lovers of the steep mountain trails and wild winter weather, but also incredibly creative and innovative and accomplished… Led by rad skiers and boarders Dirk Collins, Alex Hillinger, Jenny Collins and Circe Wallace, last year’s GOAT helped build the 1% Ambassador Program …a group of not-your-usual-suspects that brings-to-life the story and mission of 1% in a real, human way, with a message that reaches broad and appeals to many.

SUCCESS:  Too be successful overall, 1% not only has to engage its core audience, it has to go broad and inspire many and create a brand and movement with which peeps identify, that they are psyched to be a part of.

IMPORTANT: Ambassadors are important in this regard, because the enviro problem is too big for ‘dark greens’ to solve alone, we need diversity… fashionistas, members of hook and bullet crowd, lawyers, photographers, racecar drivers, you name it!…it needs to reach medium greens and light greens too… the Ambassador Program does just that.

BEAUTY OF IT:  Ambassadors taps into heroes, in all walks life, who care about planet, giving back, have influence exponential, inspire others by how live and who they are.


Lelani Munter – Female, Hawaiian, German racecar driver who runs her racecar on biofuel.

Kim Jordan – CEO New Belgium Brewery, powers her brewery on all renewable energy, built one of the biggest solar arrays in the country and is passionate about Saving the Colorado and biking (aka, hosts annual Tour de Fat and importance and supports alternative transportation).

Kris Holm—Extreme unicyclist in Vancouver just published a book about how thinking in new ways and approaching things differently (for him, on 1 wheel not 2 or 4) helps you reach heights and summits you’d not overcome otherwise (he was also the first 1% member in Canada).

Chris Keyes—Editor-N-Chief Outside Magazine wrote an editorial in September’s Outside issue challenging companies to step up and give back in a significant way.  He’s moderating a panel in May at Telluride Mountain Film on the value of companies and non-profits working together.  Outside is  a 1% Media Partner.

Julie Gilhardt—Beautiful fashionista who has worked as head designer for Barneys and now Amazon, lives her passion for sustainability and, through her writing and interviews, encourages others to do the same.

And many more…

MOMENTUM:  Last year was a building year for the 1% Ambassador Program, one activated in the social media space (1%’s press this year is already double LY!), with 8-10 new ambassadors on the horizon.  They are showing up at key gatherings like GOAT 2 in March and at TMFF.

We are most excited to ENGAGE MORE in the year ahead… we think Ambassadors are, in the words of Travis Rice,  RADDER, RADISH, ROOT.. aka, poised to do amazing work in the year ahead!

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