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GOAT 2012: Radder Radish Root

Goats often, well…. they butt heads.  That’s what goats do.  But not THESE GOATS 

The GOATS bred in Jackson Hole WY are a different type… fiesty and stubborn maybe, lovers of the steep mountain trails and wild winter weather, but also incredibly creative, innovative and accomplished… having the time of their lives on a journey that’s changing the way people think and act about the planet.   When the herd convenes annually in Jackson… magic happens.

1% for the Planet has the privilege of benefiting from that magic.  Led by rad skiers Dirk Collins, Alex Hillinger, Jenny Collins, Penn Newhard, and Circe Wallace, last year’s GOATS helped build the 1% Ambassador Program; a group of not-your-usual-suspects that bring-to-life the story and mission of 1% in a real, human way, with a message that has broad reach and appeals to many.

This year’s GOAT had 35 amazing peeps… non-profit patient capitalists like Acumen, successful business founders like Dom (tweet tweet), corporate big whigs like Teresa, rad mag editors like Gib, and radder boarders like Circe and TR (talking smak about radishes)… GOATS from all walks.  The outcome was FOOD, the discussion was what, how, when, where and with whom can we engage to effectively deliver healthy, organic veggies where they’re needed most.

The answer was simple… it begins locally, in this case, in Jackson, sprouting with a patient capital-backed company called Vertical Harvest.   The company uses a vertical greenhouse in the city center and hydroponics to grow foods where none have been able to grow before.  How the idea will take root and flourish is the story for next year’s GOAT. 

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