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Froggy Bloggy

Moving can be stressful. You’ve got to pack up all your stuff, cram it into a vehicle that always seems clown-car like compared to your belongings, and drive it to your new destination. In this respect, it can be stressful on you personally, but how about the stress on the environment? Shipping inherently has environmental costs, be that direct CO2 emissions, externalized costs from the fossil fuels used, the creation of the truck itself, or the boxes used to pack things.

Enter new 1% member, FROGBOX. Industry innovators Doug Burgoyne and Trevor McCaw founded the company after they saw a niche in the residential and commercial moving. For both types of moves, FROGBOX delivers reusable moving boxes and eco-friendly moving supplies to the customer’s home or office. When the move and unpacking are complete, FROGBOX retrieves their boxes. No more wasted hours, building and taping boxes… phew!

From its inception, FROGBOX has supported frog habitat restoration projects with their 1% donations. As an indicator species and incredibly threatened vertebrate, the choice of the FROGBOX frog mascot was a conscious one. Nearly one-third of the world’s 6,468 amphibian species are in danger and FROGBOX hopes to change that. They believe that we should all encourage change to help protect and restore the livelihood of frogs in our own backyard. 

So, if you’re feeling froggy and need to get out of town, look no further, FROGBOX has got your and the environment’s backs. Hop on down to their website, they’ll set you right.

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