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Salsabol & Greyslater

Meet Tom and Michael:

These are the guys who started Stewart Charley Ventures LLC a few years ago, after deciding to leave their jobs and do something they were truly passionate about.  They wanted to invent unique kitchenware; they came up with the Salsabol, which I will explain momentarily! Tom is a designer who loves to surf and Michael is an economist and skier. The snow they slide on and the waves they surf all come from the same source – the ocean. They’ve joined 1% for the Planet so they can give to Oceana, a charity dedicated to helping preserve the world’s oceans.  Since 2001, Oceana has protected over 1.2 million square miles of ocean and innumerable sea turtles, sharks, dolphins and other sea creatures. Tom and Michael are excited to support such a wonderful non-profit that is making a huge difference in protecting our natural water resources.

Their first major project is the Salsabol. This is a (genius) bowl that eliminates the opportunity for your salsa to fall onto the table as you scoop it up with a chip. We love it! This bowl will save you from washing tons of tablecloths, and also wasting your delicious salsa! We salute you, the inventors or Salsabol, for making sure that we never embarrass ourselves at the snack table again! Check out Uncommon Goods, where you can buy your very own Salsabowl today! According to Brodie: “I’m always that idiot licking salsa off my hands and shirt (and sometimes the tablecloth) at parties. This is what I need to get my social life back on track!” So thank you guys for making the social scene at 1% more comfortable for everyone!

Now, meet Katya and Natalie:

They are the founders of, Greyslater, a Chicago-based eco-boutique dedicated to supporting local artisans, small businesses, and manufacturers of made in the USA products. Founded in 2011, Greyslater features hand-picked, sustainably-made reusables that are as beautiful as they are functional.  Katya and Natalie decided to let their 500th Facebook fan decide who would receive their first year’s donation. They chose the North Carolina Rail-Trails, which is a state-wide land trust that focuses on preserving rail corridors and creating rail-trails.

They sell a number of American-made water bottles, utensils, bags and soaps that we love and know that you guys will too! My personal favorite is the mason jar cozy, which allows for you to drink tea out of your favorite rustic cups without burning your hands. This is perfect for all of you (including my roommates) who believe that pint jars can be used for so much more than just canning fruits and vegetables! Check out the rest of their products which are all for sale online!

Welcome, and we are excited that both of these partnerships have become 1% members! I would personally like to thank you both for giving me birthday present ideas for my co-workers and roommates! Keep up the good work!

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