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Leading the charge!

Disadvantaged children in Sacred Valley, Peru participating in "Operation Genius" with the World Shamanic Yoga Institute.

The reasons businesses join 1% for the Planet are almost as diverse as the companies themselves, but Russ at World Shamanic Yoga Institute summed up his motivations particularly well:

The World Shamanic Yoga Institute is proud to be a member of 1% for the Planet. We have been working to foster health and well being at the individual, social and environmental levels for years and when we saw how well thought out the 1% program was, it was an “ah-ha!” moment.

We cannot possibly expect that government will take care of all the environmental issues our planet faces. Economic activity is a fact, and that economic activity MUST be tied to environmental programming if we are to hope for a tomorrow with healthy ecosystems for humanity and the other species on our planet.

1% helps make this a reality by channeling a percentage of gross economic activity back to well-conceived and vetted environmental programming. We look forward to doing our part by supporting organizations like Amazon Conservation Association. 

We hope that in the future, 1% or more for the environment will be a standard and not an exception. We all share this beautiful planet. Let’s be intelligent citizens!

I haven’t heard it said better than that—and it’s in the spirit of that “ah-ha” moment that we welcome bemed Cosmetiques, BeOSport, Caudalie, Damang Media Group, Fabled Frog Soap, Koru Swimwear, Lucas J Cellars, Nature’s Flowers Ever and Ever brand, Nature’s Path Foods EnviroKidz brand, Organic Return, Organic Tree Juice Bar, Sans & Sans Serif, Sleep Soundly, TRUFIT, UniLuv Marketing and World Shamanic Yoga Institute to 1% for the Planet!

Thank you for using your businesses to create a better world for all of us.

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