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22 Days Left to Kickstart Pop Culture!

Five years ago, Andrew and Elske Daigle made their first test batches of soda in their kitchen. Even back then, they knew that they would later join 1% for the Planet.

There are so many reasons to join 1%–marketing value, connection to Yvon (one of Andrew’s heroes), and amazing business/non-profit community—but that’s not what motivated Pop Culture. Instead, Andrew and Elske wanted their business to amplify their already strong connection with the natural world.  While working with 1% for the Planet, they plan on focusing their energies on a few key environmental issues to start and allow it to grow organically:  wolf reintroduction & protection, dam removal, and watershed restoration & conservation.

Andrew and Elske look forward to hearing about non-profits focused in these areas and are excited about being part of the 1% team!

Pop Culture’s founders lived on an organic farm in the Santa Ynez Valley of Santa Barbara County, California, when those first test batches were made.  They hauled bushels of fruit back to the house and experimented with every rudimentary assortment of home brew equipment on the market. They wanted the sodas to taste like fresh fruit and didn’t want to cook the fruit in kettles.  Fresh fruit is refreshing and cooked fruit is, well… cooked! And jam belongs on toast!

With that in mind, they developed their first beverage: a fresh pressed Strawberry soda unlike anything on the market and it unknowingly changed their lives. Since almost every other fruit juice based soda on the market is made with concentrates, they wanted to offer an alternative.  Soda from concentrate does not have the same fresh flavor they were looking for, so ultimately they decided to make a commitment to use only fresh, certified organic and/or certified Non-GMO ingredients and packaged in glass bottles.

Their model has been very successful and their business is growing rapidly. Pop Culture has just launched a campaign to raise the capital it needs to meet the growing demand for its sodas.

Kickstarter is a crowdsourcing platform where individuals & businesses “Pledge” in exchange “Rewards” from Pop Culture.   Check out their t-shirts, custom logo glasses, limited edition Pop Culture rock posters, and bulk discounts at below wholesale costs for your store or business; Pop Culture needs your support to ensure its campaign will be an enormous success!

Visit Pop Culture’s Kickstarter campaign today and help their business expand! How can you say no to ginger pear soda? Yum!

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