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Armed & Botanical

The timing of writing this blog today is completely apropos. For the first time in my life, I have stopped shaving and grown a beard. It’s not that I’m lazy, or think that I pull the ‘facial hair’ look off particularly well. I didn’t even grow it to keep warm in the winter months here in Vermont (what winter?).

Shaving and I just aren’t good friends. I have run the gamut of razors and creams, only to draw the line at the cheap and amazingly wasteful toss-away razors. No matter the attempt, my steady musicians hand always winds up nicking my face or neck and I wind up with amazingly irritated skin.

Enter Eco-Armour.

Founder Robert Benzinger began searching for a solution after getting fed up with the continual shaving-related mishaps I suffer from.  After years of trial & error, and with the help of his wife Zoe, a licensed skin-care expert, Robert finally found the perfect combination and Eco-Armour foam and body wash was born.

Eco-Armour is made of witch hazel extract, citric acid, essential oils such as eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, rosemary and tea tree, and carrier oils including coconut, sunflower and palm kernel.  Each ingredient was selected for its healing, nourishing and cleansing properties. The essential oils in the foam also provide an aroma therapy with their calming and invigorating scents.

As a long time environmentalist, Robert decided that he would only use all natural and organic renewable resource ingredients.  Eco-Armour doesn’t contain sodium lauryl sulfate, butane, parabens, or other chemicals that often stress the skin and strip away natural oils. It’s 100% botanical.

In addition to saving your skin, the foam also helps prolong the life of the razor with the metal-preserving properties of the witch hazel and citric acid. Robert recommends that customers apply additional foam to the razor after they’ve rinsed it with water at the end of their shave. This step helps extend the blade life and improve the razor’s performance.

Eco-Armour was originally aimed at men, but is now very popular with the ladies, who make up about 65% of customers. Women use it both as a foam and as a face and body wash.

We welcome Robert and Eco-Armour to our 1% family!

I, for one, am looking forward to checking out Eco-Armour and experiencing a botanically charged shaving experience for myself.  But maybe not just yet – I am just starting to dig my look with a beard..

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