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Two New Members! They've Consulted, and think You Should Donate through 1%.

If a business decided they wanted to invest in a better future, they might consider giving 1% of their revenue to an environmental non-profit, right? All companies have an environmental footprint, be it through physical resource extraction, energy consumption, or anything in between. As all resources and the energy harnessed from them come from the Earth, it should only make sense to reinvest – that’s sustainability. 

Everyone uses the environment in some way or another, and I’m pretty certain we might need it to be in good health for the future… Based on the inspirational stories we’ve heard this year, it’s clear there are a lot of businesses making a difference by giving back. In order to make a clear statement about things they care about, businesses do cool things like make products you can buy, consult you on how to run your company better, or address water sustainability issues, and then “vote” with their 1% donation.

For some reason, whenever a company gives back to society or the environment, it reminds me of the ancient Greek value of Reciprocity. Maybe it’s because that was one of Homer’s teachings I actually remember, or maybe it was just really impactful stuff – giving and receiving; a mutual exchange. Regardless, we’re so excited to welcome two new member companies who have embraced this ancient Homeric/Greek value. 

Water Futures is a progressive, woman-owned consulting venture. They have decades of experience finding innovative solutions to one of the planet’s most pressing problems – the quest for sustainable water. They believe that water is a common resource and should be allocated in a way that provides for thriving aquatic ecosystems, clean and adequate drinking water, and healthy agricultural communities. Started and currently run by environmental scientist, educator and water-obsessed adventurer Wendy J. Pabich, Water Futures has bright things to look forward to. Check out her new book!

Sustainability Consult, also a consulting company, has pledged to donate 1% of its revenue to an approved 1% for the Planet partner! Sustainability Consult is a dynamic PR and environmental communications consultancy based in Brussels, Belgium and operates globally. They provide support and strategic counseling in the environmental, cleantech, energy and renewable chemical sectors. CEO Kathryn Sheridan believes in the power of businesses to build a better future.

Well, here at 1% for the Planet, we do too. Thanks so much to Water Futures and Sustainability Consult for your 1% commitment!

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