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Treat Yourself and Your Furry Friends

If you’ve ever seen the show Parks and Recreation, you know how important it is to Treat Yo Self! In this post, I am introducing two new members that allow you to do just this! Although one is a supplier of adventure gear and the other is a pet supply company, they both have similar business goals. These goals include supplying consumers with environmentally responsible products and financially supporting environmental causes.  We are excited to welcome them both to the 1% team!

“Being part of 1% for the Planet has been the best choice ever!”  That is how 14 OCHOMILES started off an email to us after becoming a member. This is exactly the type of enthusiasm we love to hear! 14 OCHOMILES is an outdoor gear company based in Colombia, who focuses on recovering and conserving the environment. They sell climbing and mountaineering clothing, along with bikes and basically every other outdoor accessory you can think of!

14 OCHOMILES strongly believes that people need to get outside and connect with the natural world. They encourage people to do so by supplying high quality products that allow people to have fun while being outside. 14 OCHOMILES sells equipment from companies such as, Vaude, Santini, Dahon, La Sportiva, Ortlieb, Victorinox and 1% member Klean Kanteen! They promote the use of products that somehow support the environment, whether they are made from recycled or natural materials, or donate money to environmental causes. We are thrilled to have a new member from Colombia who is so excited to support a good cause. They believe that people need to face the current environmental situation, and do something about it, otherwise natural resources, forests, mountains, natural parks and everything that makes us feel alive will be eliminated.  Check out their website to get some awesome adventure gear!

Humboldt Pet Supply is one of our new members from the great state of California. As the owners are active volunteers with our non-profit partner, the Humboldt Wildlife Care Center, a large portion of their 1% donation will go directly to them. As this company grows, they hope to donate to other organizations including the Environmental Protection Information Center, who works to protect and restore ancient forests, watersheds, coastal estuaries, and native species in Northern California.

Humboldt Pet Supply recognizes the beauty and fragility of the planet. They are doing their ultimate best to tread lightly in every aspect of the company. They strive to recognize every impact they make in their energy use, conservation, packaging, purchasing, shipping and of course their lifestyle. This philosophy is intrinsic to running their business and living a healthy and productive life. They view their business as a gateway to helping what they hold most dear to them, the planet and all of the creatures that inhabit it! They do this by selling high quality, responsibly made pet products. Check out their website to buy things for your furry friends. These products include food, treats and toys like these…

We’re excited to welcome these two new members to our team and proud of the support they are giving to our natural world by both supplying responsibly made products and now by donating a portion of their sales to environmental groups! Good work!

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