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T-Parties and Squamming

Today’s post is dedicated to two of our new-ish members, both of which are located in New England! Whether you want to learn more about planning a t-party, or looking for a week of relaxation I think you’re going to want to read the following!

Squam Art Workshops is a creative center that started on the shores of Squam Lake in New Hampshire. Better known simply as “Squam”, this retreat attracts people who want to take a break from the daily grind and need a chance to catch their breath and enjoy life. During the scheduled retreats, they offer tons of different art, cooking and yoga classes.  They are planning a Squam trip to Italy (!!) this fall and are hoping  to schedule more of these in years to come! If you’re looking to relax and spend some time reconnecting with your creative side, you should sign up for a Squam retreat. Also, check out their store to see what is for sale this month!

We are also excited to welcome Peace Tree Apparel, based nearby in Massachusetts! Peace Tree Apparel’s mission is to create t-shirts and accessories that inspire everyone to be good to the world we all share. On a personal level, they strive to maintain family practices that are good for the earth and it is also important for them to incorporate these same practices into their business.  Check out their online store to buy some comfortable t-shirts and accessories and to learn more about their t-parties!

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